Areas of Research

Topical Areas of Research

Fuqua’s faculty study a wide range of accounting topics.

Properties of Accounting Numbers Accounting & Asset Pricing Accounting Standards Compensation & Managerial Career Concerns
Katherine Schipper Suresh Nallareddy Katherine Schipper Qi Chen
Xu Jiang Katherine Schipper Xu Jiang John Heater
Bill Mayew Qi Chen Bill Mayew
Suresh Nallareddy Mohan Venkatachalam Rahul Vashishtha
Mohan Venkatachalam Rahul Vashishtha Youfei Xiao
Rahul Vashishtha

John Heater

Hao Xue



Debt Contracting Taxes Financial Analysts Real Effects of Information Disclosure
Rahul Vashishtha Scott Dyreng Bill Mayew Rahul Vashishtha
Scott Dyreng Youfei Xiao Mohan Venkatachalam
Qi Chen

Hao Xue

John Heater



Accounting & The Macro Economy Firm Communication Corporate Governance Managerial Traits
Suresh Nallareddy Bill Mayew Youfei Xiao John Heater
Mohan Venkatachalam Mohan Venkatachalam Mohan Venkatachalam
Rahul Vashishtha

John Heater

Hao Xue

Rahul Vashishtha


Bill Mayew


Research Methods: Analytical

Analytical researchers model economic and accounting institutions with the goal of generating empirically testable propositions. Primary research questions of interest are the relation between accounting disclosures and security prices, undertaken within market equilibrium models, and the role of accounting information in mitigating incentive problems within firms, generally formulated within principal-agent models. Other economic models are employed as well. Analytical research demands high-level training in economic theory, statistics, and mathematics. Analytical accounting researchers on the Fuqua faculty: Qi Chen, Hao Xue, and Xu Jiang.

 Research Methods: Empirical-archival

Empirical researchers rely on economic theory to study, among other things, the valuation implications of accounting disclosures, executive compensation and other corporate governance issues, and financial intermediary reporting choices and forecasting behavior. Empiricists use commercially available and proprietary databases to test hypotheses within a statistical framework and must be well-trained in economic theory and statistical methods. Empirical accounting researchers on the Fuqua faculty: Shane Dikolli, Scott Dyreng, John Heater, Bill Mayew, Suresh Nallareddy, Katherine Schipper, Rahul Vashishtha, Mohan Venkatachalam, and Youfei Xiao.

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