Faculty & Research

Our faculty produce research in a wide array of research topics using several paradigms.

2024, In Press and Forthcoming Publications

  • Brian Cadman and Elia Ferracuti, Cost structure and the usefulness of earnings. Management Science, forthcoming.
  • Qi Chen, Zeqiong Huang, Itay Goldstein, and Rahul Vashishtha, Liquidity Transformation and fragility in the US Banking Sector. Journal of Finance, forthcoming.
  • Qi Chen, Rahul Vashishtha, and Shuyan Wang. The decision relevance of loan fair values for depositors. Journal of Accounting Research, forthcoming.
  • Xu Jiang and Ming Yang, Optimal accounting rules, private benefits of control, and efficient liquidation. Management Science, forthcoming.
  • Hao Xue, Investors’ information acquisition and the manager’s value-risk tradeoff. Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming.
  • Qi Chen, William J. Mayew, and Huihao Yan, Equity Analyst Social Interactions and Geographic Information Transmission. Review of Accounting Studies, 29(1): 327-353.
  • William J. Mayew, Contemporary Insights on Corporate Guidance: A discussion of Call, Hribar Skinner, and Volant. Journal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming. 
  • Bin Li and Mohan Venkatachalam, Leasing Loses Altitude, while Ownership Takes Off: Real Effects of the New Lease Standard. The Accounting Review, 99(3): 315-347.
  • Xu Jiang and Volker Laux, What Role do Boards Play in Companies with Visionary CEOs. Journal of Accounting Research, 62(3): 981-1005.

2023, Publications

  • Oliver Binz, Elia Ferracuti, and Peter Joos,  Investment, inflation, and the role of internal information systems as a transmission channel. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 76(2-3): 101632.
  • Christine Cuny, Stephanie Cheng, and Hao Xue, Disclosure and Competition for Capital. Management Science, 69(7): 4312-4330.
  • Scott Dyreng, Fabio B. Gaertner, Jeffrey L. Hoopes, and Mary E. Vernon, The effect of US tax reform on the taxation of US firms’ domestic and foreign earnings. Contemporary Accounting Research 40, no. 3 (2023): 1881-1908.
  • Frank Ecker, Jennifer Francis, Per Olsson, and Katherine Schipper. Payoffs to aggressiveness. The Accounting Review, 98(7): 153-183.
  • Jonathan Glover and Hao Xue, Accounting Conservatism and Relational Contracting. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 76(1): 101571. 
  • Xu Jiang, Chandra Kanodia, and Gaoqing Zhang, Reporting of investment expenditure: Should it be aggregated with operating cash flowsThe Accounting Review, 98(4): 167-190.
  • Xu Jiang, Chao Tang, and Gaoqing Zhang, Harmonized Accounting Standards and Investment Beauty Contests. The Accounting Review, 98(7): 377-404.
  • Xu Jiang, Baohau Xin, and Yan Xiong, The Value of Mandatory Certification: A Real Effects Perspective. Journal of Accounting Research, 61(1): 377-413.
  • Xu Jiang and Ying Xue, Morale, performance, and disclosure. Canadian Journal of Economics, 56(1): 5-23.

2022, Publications

  • Oliver Binz, William J. Mayew, and Suresh Nallareddy, Firms’ Response to Macroeconomic Estimation Errors. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 73(2-3): 101454.
  • Qi Chen, Zeqiong Huang, Itay Goldstein, and Rahul Vashishtha, Bank transparency and deposit flows. Journal of Financial Economics, 146(2): 475-501.
  • Qi Chen, Katherine Schipper, and Ning Zhang, Measuring Accounting Asset Informativeness. The Accounting Review, 97(4): 209-36.
  • Preeti Choudhary, Kenneth Merley, and Katherine Schipper, The Costs of Waiving Audit AdjustmentsJournal of Accounting Research, 60(5): 1813-1857.
  • Scott Dyreng, Stephen A. Hillegeist, and Fernando Penalva, Future Performance Consequences of Earnings Management to Avoid Debt Covenant Violations. European Accounting Review, 31(2): 311-343.
  • Scott Dyreng, Martin Jacob, and Xu Jiang and Max Muller, Tax Avoidance and Tax Incidence. Contemporary Accounting Research, 39(4): 2622-2656.
  • Elia Ferracuti, Information Uncertainty And Organizational Design. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 74(1): 101493.
  • Eric He, Martin Jacob, Rahul Vashishtha, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Does Differential Taxation of Short-term Relative to Long-term Capital Gains Affect Long-term investment? Journal of Accounting and Economics, 74(1): 101479.
  • Bin Li and Mohan Venkatachalam, Leveraging big data to study information dissemination of material firm events. Journal of Accounting Research, 60(2): 565-606.
  • Xu Jiang and Baohua Xin, Financial Reporting Discretion, Managerial Myopia, and Investment Efficiency. The Accounting Review, 97(2): 291-316.
  • Xu Jiang and Yan Xiong, Economic Consequences of Managerial Compensation Contract Disclosure. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 73(2-3): 101489.
  • Suresh Nallareddy, Ethan Rouen, and Juan Carlos Serrato, Do Corporate Tax Cuts Increase Income Inequality? Tax Policy and the Economy, 36(1): 35-91.
  • Katherine Schipper, Discussion of “The impact of the adoption of IFRS 11 on the comparability of accounting information.” Accounting and Business Research, 52(6): 727-733.
  • Katherine Schipper, Why do accounting issues end up in the “too difficult” box. Accounting and Business Research, 52(5): 482-506.

2021, Publications

  • Qi Chen, Zeqiong Huang, Xu Jiang, Gaoqing Zhang and Yun Zhang, Asymmetric Reporting Timeliness and Informational Feedback. Management Science, 67(8): 5194-5208.
  • Preeti Choudhary, Kenneth Merley, and Katherine Schipper, Immaterial Error Corrections and Financial Reporting Reliability. Contemporary Accounting Research, 38(4): 2423-2460.
  • Shane Dikolli, John Heater, William Mayew, and Mani Sethuraman, CFO co-option and CEO compensation. Management Science, 67(3): 1939-1955.
  • Scott Dyreng and Michelle Hanlon, Tax Avoidance and Multinational Firm Behavior. Chapter in “Global Goliaths: Multinational Corporations in the 21st Century” edited by Fritz Foley, James R. Hines, and David Wessel.
  • Frank Ecker, Jennifer Francis, Per Olsson, and Katherine Schipper. Non-random sampling and association tests on realized returns and risk proxies. Review of Accounting Studies, 26: 772-814.
  • Lawrence Glosten, Suresh Nallareddy, and Yuan Zou, ETF Activity and Informational Efficiency of Underlying Securities. Management Science, 67(1): 22-47.
  • John Heater, Suresh Nallareddy, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Aggregate Accruals and Market Returns: The Role of Aggregate M&A Activity. Journal of Accounting & Economics, 72(2-3): 101432.
  • Robert Hills, Matthew Kubic, and William J. Mayew, State Sponsors of Terrorism Disclosure and SEC Financial Reporting Oversight. Journal of Accounting & Economics, 72(1): 101407.
  • Xu Jiang, Are Interim Performance Evaluations Optimal When the Evaluations Are Subject to Manipulation? Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 177(3): 239-260.
  • Matthew Kubic and Mohan Venkatachalam, Discussion of “Do Debt Investors Adjust Financial Statement Ratios when Financial Statements Fail to Reflect Economic Substance? Evidence from Cash Flow Hedges.” Contemporary Accounting Research, 38(3): 2336-2346.
  • Bin Li, Gianfranco Siciliano, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Economic Consequences of IFRS Adoption: The Role of Changes in Disclosure Quality. Contemporary Accounting Research, 38(1): 129-179.
  • Suresh Nallareddy, Robert Pozen and Shivaram Rajgopal, Consequences of More Frequent Reporting: The U.K. Experience. Journal of Law, Finance and Accounting, 6(1): 51-88.
  • Hao Xue and Ronghuo Zheng, Word-of-Mouth Communication, Noise-driven Volatility, and Public Disclosure. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 71(1): 101363

2020, Publications

  • Shane S. Dikolli, Thomas Keusch, William J. Mayew and Thomas D. Steffen, CEO Behavioral Integrity, Auditor Responses, and Firm OutcomesThe Accounting Review, 95 (2): 61-88.
  • Scott Dyreng, Jeffrey L. Hoopes, Patrick Langetieg, and Jaron Wilde, Strategic Subsidiary Disclosure. Journal of Accounting Research 58(3): 643-692.
  • Yonca Ertimur, Jennifer Francis, Amanda Gonzales, and Katherine Schipper, Financial Reporting for Pollution Reduction ProgramsManagement Science 66(12): 6015-6041. 
  • Pingyang Gao and Xu Jiang, The Economic Consequences of Discrete Recognition and Continuous Measurement. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 69(1): 101250.
  • Jonathan Glover and Hao Xue, Team Incentives and Bonus Floors in Relational Contracts. The Accounting Review, 95(6): 181-212.
  • Urooj Khan, Suresh Nallareddy, and Ethan Rouen, The Role of Taxes in the Disconnect between Corporate Performance and Economic Growth.  Management Science, 66(11): 5427-5447.
  • William J. Mayew, Mani Sethuraman and Mohan Venkatachalam, Individual Analysts’ Stock Recommendations, Earnings Forecasts, and the Informativeness of Conference Call Question and Answer Sessions. The Accounting Review, 95(6): 311-337.
  • Suresh Nallareddy, Mani Sethuraman, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Changes in accrual properties and operating environment: Implications for cash flow predictability. Journal of Accounting and Economics 69(2-3): 101313.
  • Suresh Nallareddy, Discussion of “ETFs and Information Transfer Across Firms.” Journal of Accounting and Economics 70 (2-3): 101358.

2019, Publications

  • Karthik Balakrishnan, Rahul Vashishtha and Robert Verrecchia, Foreign competition for shares and the pricing of information asymmetry:  evidence from equity market liberalization,  Journal of Accounting and Economics, 67(1): 80-97.
  • Scott Dyreng, Michelle Hanlon, Edward L. Maydew, When Does Tax Avoidance Result in Tax Uncertainty? The Accounting Review 94(2): 179-203.
  • Casey Dougal, Paul Gao, William Mayew, Chris Parsons, What’s in a (School) Name?  Racial Discrimination in Higher Education Bond Markets,  Journal of Financial Economics, 134(3): 570-590.
  • Qi Chen, Xu Jiang and Yun Zhang, The effect of audit quality on audit effort and investment efficiency. The Accounting Review, 94(4) 189-214, 2019.
  • Preeti Choudhary, Kenneth Merley, and Katherine Schipper, Auditors’ quantitative materiality judgments: Properties and implications for financial reporting reliability. Journal of Accounting Research, 57(5): 1303-1351.
  • Elia Ferracuti and Stephen Stubben, The Role of Financial Reporting in Resolving Uncertainty about Corporate Investment Opportunities. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 68(2-3): 101248.
  • Pingyang Gao, Xu Jiang and Gaoqing Zhang, Firm Value and Market Liquidity around the Adoption of Common Accounting Standards. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 68(1): 101220.

2018, Publications

  • Vikas Agarwal, Rahul Vashishtha and Mohan Venkatachalam, Mutual Fund Transparency and Corporate Myopia. Review of Financial Studies, 31(5): 1966-2003.
  • Pingyang Gao and Xu Jiang, Reporting Choices in the Shadow of Bank Runs. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 65 (1): 85-108.
  • Alon Kalay, Suresh Nallareddy, and Gil Sadka, Uncertainty and Sectoral Shifts: The Interaction between Firm-Level and Aggregate-Level Shocks and Macroeconomic Activity. Management Science, 64(1): 1-493.
  • Arthur G. Kraft, Rahul Vashishtha and Mohan Venkatachalam, Frequent Financial Reporting and Managerial Myopia. The Accounting Review, 93(2): 249-275.

2017 Publications

  • Qi Chen, Tracy Lewis, Katherine Schipper, Yun Zhang, Uniform vs. Discretionary Regimes in Reporting Information with Unverifiable Precision and a Coordination Role. Journal of Accounting Research 55(1): 153-196.
  • Qi Chen and Rahul Vashishtha, The effects of bank mergers on corporate information disclsoure. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 64(1): 56-77.
  • Shane Dikolli, Viktoria Diser, Christian Hofmann, and Thomas Pfeiffer, CEO Power and Relative Performance Evaluation. In Press, Contemporary Accounting Research.
  • Scott Dyreng, Michelle Hanlon, Ed Maydew and Jake Thornock, Changes in Corporate Effective Tax Rates Over the Past Twenty-Five Years. Journal of Financial Economics 124(3): 441-463
  • Scott Dyreng, William Mayew and Katherine Schipper, Evidence of Manager Intervention to Avoid Working Capital Deficits. Contemporary Accounting Research 34(2): 697-725. 
  • Scott Dyreng, Rahul Vashishtha and Joe Weber, Direct Evidence on the Informational Properties of Earnings in Loan Contracts. Journal of Accounting Research 55(2): 371-406.
  • Jessen Hobson, William Mayew, Mark Peecher and Mohan Venkatachalam, Improving Experienced Auditors’ Detection of Deception in CEO Narratives. Journal of Accounting Research, 55(5):  1137-1166.
  • Xu Jiang and Ming Yang, Properties of Optimal Accounting Rules in a Signaling Game. Journal of Accounting and Economics, 63(2-3): 499-512.
  • Suresh Nallareddy and Maria Ogneva, Accrual Quality, Skill, and the Cross-Section of Mutual Fund Returns. Review of Accounting Studies, 22(2): 503-542.
  • Suresh Nallareddy and Maria Ogneva, Predicting Restatements in Macroeconomic Indicators using Accounting Information. The Accounting Review 92(2): 151-182.

2016 Publications                                                                      

  • Judee Burgoon, William Mayew, et al.  Which Spoken Language Markers Identify Deception in High-Stakes Settings?  Evidence From Earnings Conference Calls. Journal of Language and Social Psychology  35(2): 123-157.
  • Scott Dyreng, Jeffrey Hoopes, and Jaron Wilde, Public Pressure and Corporate Tax Behavior. Journal of Accounting Research 54(1) 147-185.
  • Scott Dyreng and Kevin Markle, The Effect of Financial Constraints on Income Shifting by U.S. Multinationals. The Accounting Review 91(6): 1601-1627.
  • Xu Jiang,  Biases in Accounting and Non-Accounting Information: Substitutes or Complements. Journal of Accounting Research 54(5): 1297-133.

2015 Publications

  • Qi Chen, Shane Dikolli, and Wei Jiang, Career-risk Concerns, Information Effort, and Optimal Pay-for-Performance Sensitivity. Journal of Management Accounting Research 27(2): 165-195.
  • Scott Dyreng, Bradley Lindsey, Kevin Markle, Douglas Shackelford, The effect of tax and nontax country characteristics on the global equity supply chains of U.S. multinationals, Journal of Accounting and Economics 59(2-3): 182-202.
  • Justin Hopkins, Ed Maydew, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Corporate General Counsel and Financial Reporting Quality, Management Science 61(1): 129-145.
  • Xu Jiang, Radhika Lunawat and Brian Shapiro, The Impact of Financial Histories on Individuals and Society:  A Replication and Extension of Berg et al. (1995). Research in Experimental Economics 18: 95-135.
  • William Mayew, Mani Sethuraman, and Mohan Venkatachalam, MD&A Disclosure and the Firm’s Ability to Continue as a Going Concern. The Accounting Review 90 (4): 1621-1651.
  • Chandra Throckmorton, William Mayew, Mohan Venkatachalam and Leslie Collins, Fraud Detection Using Vocal, Linguistic, and Financial Cues. Decision Support Systems 74: 78-87.

2014 Publications

  • Rindy Anderson, Casey Klofstad, William Mayew, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Vocal Fry May Undermine the Success of Young Women in the Labor Market. PloS One 9 (5): e97506.
  • Dirk Black, Shane Dikolli, and Scott Dyreng, CEO Pay-for-Complexity and the Risk of Managerial Diversion from Multinational Diversification. Contemporary Accounting Research 31(1): 103-135.
  • Robert Bowen, Shivaram Rajgopal, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Is Warren Buffett’s Commentary on Accounting, Governance, and Investing Practices Reflected in the Investment Decisions and Subsequent Influence of Berkshire Hathaway? The Accounting Review 89(5): 160-1644.
  • Qi Chen, Zeqiong Huang, Yun Zhang, The Effects of Public Information with Asymmetrically Informed Short-horizon Investors. Journal of Accounting Research 52(3): 635-669.
  • Shane Dikolli, William Mayew, and DJ Nanda, CEO Tenure and the Performance-Turnover Relation. Review of Accounting Studies 19(1): 281-327.
  • Frank Ecker, Information Precision and Long-Run Performance of IPOs. Contemporary Accounting Research 31(3): 876-910.
  • Frank Ecker and Katherine Schipper, Discussion of Mohanram:  Analysts’ cash flow forecasts and the decline of the accruals anomaly, and Radhakrishnan/Wu:  Analysts’ cash flow forecasts and accruals mispricing. Contemporary Accounting Research 31(4): 1171-1190.
  • Bin Li, Shivaram Rajgopal, and Mohan Venkatachalam, R2 and Idiosyncratic Risk are not Interchangeable. The Accounting Review 89(6): 2261-2295.
  • Rahul Vashishtha, The Role of Bank Monitoring in Borrowers’ Discretionary Disclosure: Evidence from Covenant Violations. Journal of Accounting and Economics 57(2-3): 176-195.

2013 Publications

  • Brian Bratten, Preeti Choudhary, and Katherine Schipper, Evidence that Market Participants Assess Recognized and Disclosed Items Similarly when Reliability is not an Issue. The Accounting Review 88(4): 1179-1210.
  • Shane Dikolli, Harry Evans III, Jeffrey Hales, Michael Matjka, David Moser, and Michael Williamson, Testing Analytical Models Using Archival or Experimental Methods. Accounting Horizons 27(1): 129‐139.
  • Shane Dikolli, Christian Hofmann, and Thomas Pfeiffer, Relative Performance Evaluation and Peer-Performance Summarization Errors. Review of Accounting Studies 18(1): 34-65.
  • Shane Dikolli, Susan Kulp, and Karen Sedatole, The Use of Contract Adjustments to Lengthen the CEO Horizon in the Presence of Internal and External Monitoring. Journal of Management Accounting Research 25(1): 199-229.
  • Scott Dyreng, Bradley Lindsey and Jacob Thornock, Exploring the Role Delaware Plays as a Domestic Tax Haven. Journal of Financial Economics 108(3): 751–772.
  • Frank Ecker, Jennifer Francis, Per Olsson, and Katherine Schipper, Estimation Sample Selection for Discretionary Accruals Models. Journal of Accounting and Economics 56(2-3): 190-211.
  • Leslie Hodder, Patrick Hopkins and Katherine Schipper, Fair Value Measurement in Financial Reporting. Foundations and Trends in Accounting 8 (3): 143-270.
  • William Mayew, Reassessing the Association Between Facial Structure and Baseball Performance: A Comment on Tsujimura and Banissy (2013). Biology Letters 9(5): 20130538.
  • William Mayew, Christopher Parsons and Mohan Venkatachalam, Voice Pitch and the Labor Market Sucess of Male Chief Executive Officers. Evolution and Human Behavior 34 (4): 243-248.
  • William Mayew, Nate Sharp, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Using Earnings Conference Calls to Identify Analysts with Superior Private Information. Review of Accounting Studies 18 (2): 386-413.

2012 Publications

  • Neil Bhattacharya, Frank Ecker, Per Olsson, and Katherine Schipper, Direct and Mediated Associations among Earnings Quality, Information Quality, Information Asymmetry, and the Cost of Equity. The Accounting Review 87: 449-482.
  • Dirk Black, Ervin Black, Theodore Christensen, and William Heninger, Has the Regulation of Pro Forma Reporting in the U.S. Changed Investors’ Perceptions of Pro Forma Earnings Disclosures? Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 39(7-8), p. 876-904.
  • Qi Chen, Xiao Chen, Katherine Schipper, Yongxin Xu, and Jian Xue, The Sensitivity of Corporate Cash Holdings to Corporate Governance. Review of Financial Studies 25 (12): 3610-3644.
  • Scott Dyreng, Michelle Hanlon, and Edward Maydew, Where Do Firms Manage Earnings? Review of Accounting Studies 17(3): 649-687.
  • Scott Dyreng, William Mayew, and Chris Williams, Religious Social Norms and Corporate Financial Reporting. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 39 (7-8): 845-875.
  • Jessen Hobson, William Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam, Analyzing Speech to Detect Financial Misreporting. Journal of Accounting Research 50: 349-392.
  • Ross Jennings, Connie Weaver, and William Mayew, The Extent of Implicit Taxes at the Corporate Level and the Effect of TRA86. Contemporary Accounting Research 29 (4): 1021-1059.
  • James Leisenring, Thomas Linsmeier, Katherine Schipper and Edward Trott, Business Model (Intent)-Based Accounting. Accounting and Business Research 42 (3): 329-344.
  • William Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam, Speech Analysis in Financial MarketsFoundations and Trends in Accounting 7 (2): 73-130.
  • William Mayew and Mohan Venkatachalam, The Power of Voice: Managerial Affective States and Future Firm Performance. Journal of Finance LXVII: 1-43.
  • Daniel Taylor, Shivaram Rajgopal and Mohan Venkatachalam, Frictions in the Labor Market: The Role of Talent Agents in CEO Compensation. Contemporary Accounting Research 29: 119-151.

2011 Publications

  • Qi Chen, Thomas Hemmer and Yun Zhang, On the Use of Loose Monitoring in Agencies. Review of Accounting Studies 16: 328-354.
  • Yonca Ertimur, Fabrizio Ferri and Volkan Muslu, Shareholder Activism and CEO Pay. Review of Financial Studies 24: 535-592.
  • Yonca Ertimur, William Mayew and Steve Stubben, Analyst Reputation and the Issuance of Disaggregated Earnings Forecasts to I/B/E/S. Review of Accounting Studies 16:29-58.
  • Yonca Ertimur, Volkan Muslu and Frank Zhang, Why are Recommendations Optimistic? Evidence from Analysts’ Coverage Initiations. Review of Accounting Studies 16: 679-718.
  • Irene Kim and Mohan Venkatachalam, Are Sin Firms Paying the Price for Accounting Sins? Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance 26: 415-442.
  • Shivaram Rajgopal and Mohan Venkatachalam, Financial Reporting Quality and Idiosyncratic Volatility. Journal of Accounting and Economics 51:1-20.

2010 Publications

  • Romana Autrey, Shane Dikolli, and Paul Newman, Performance Measure Aggregation, Career Incentives, and Explicit Incentives. Journal of Management Accounting Research 22:115-131.
  • Jennifer Blouin, Cristi Gleason, Lillian Mills, and Stephanie Sikes, Pre-empting Disclosure? Firms’ Decisions Prior to FIN 48. The Accounting Review, 85(3): 791-815.
  • Qi Chen, Itay Goldstein and Wei Jiang, Payoff Complementarities and Financial Fragility: Evidence from Mutual Fund Outflows. Journal of Financial Economics 97: 239-262.
  • Qi Chen, Brian Mittendorf and Yun Zhang, Endogenous Accounting Bias when Decision Making and Control Interact. Contemporary Accounting Research 27(4): 1-29.
  • Scott Dyreng, Michelle Hanlon, and Edward Maydew, The Effects of Executives on Corporate Tax Avoidance. The Accounting Review 85: 1163-1189.
  • Yonca Ertimur, Fabrizio Ferri and Steve Stubben, Board of Directors’ Responsiveness to Shareholders: Evidence from Shareholder Proposals. Journal of Corporate Finance 16: 53-72.
  • Richard Frankel, William Mayew, and Yan Sun, Do Pennies Matter? Investor Relations Consequences of Small Negative Earnings Surprises. Review of Accounting Studies, 15 (1): 220-242.
  • John Robinson, Stephanie Sikes, and Connie Weaver, Performance Measurement of Corporate Tax Departments. The Accounting Review, 85(3): 1035-1064.
  • Katherine Schipper, How Can We Measure the Costs and Benefits of Changes in Corporate Reporting Regulation? Accounting and Business Research 40 (3): 309-327.

2009 Publications

  • Preeti Choudhary, Shivaram Rajgopal and Mohan Venkatachalam, Accelerated Vesting of Employee Stock Options in Anticipation of FAS123-R. Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 47, No.1 (March 2009):105-146.
  • Shane Dikolli, Christian Hofmann, and Susan Kulp, Interrelated Performance Measures, Interactive Effort, and Incentive Weights. Journal of Management Accounting Research, 21: 125-149.
  • Shane Dikolli, Susan Kulp and Karen Sedatole, Transient Institutional Investors and CEO Contracting. The Accounting Review, Vol. 84, No.3 (May 2009): 737-770.
  • Scott Dyreng and Bradley Lindsey, Using Financial Accounting Data to Examine the Effect of Foreign Operations Located in Tax Havens and Other Countries on U.S. Multinational Firms’ Tax Rates. Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 47 No. 5 (December 2009): 1283-1316.
  • Clyde Stickney, Roman Weil, Katherine Schipper, and Jennifer Francis, Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods and Uses (13th edition). South-Western Cengage Learning.

2008 Publications

  • Robert Bowen, Shivaram Rajgopal, and Mohan Venkatachalam, Accounting Discretion, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance. Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 25, No. 2 (Summer 2008): 351-406.
  • Qi Chen, Itay Goldstein and Wei Jiang, Directors’ Ownership in the U.S. Mutual Fund Industry. Journal of Finance, Vol. 63, No. 6 (December 2008): 2629-2677.
  • Shane Dikolli, A Discussion of Importance of Measures of Past Performance: Empirical Evidence on Quality of E-Service Providers. Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 25, No.2 (Summer 2008): 339-349.
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  • William Mayew, Evidence of Management Discrimination Among Analysts During Earnings Conference Calls. Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 46, No.3 (June 2008): 627-659.

2007 Publications

  • Robert Ashton, Value-Creation Models for Value-Based Management: Review, Analysis, and Research Directions. Advances in management Accounting, Vol. 16: 1-62.
  • Robert Ashton and Anna Cianci, Motivational and cognitive determinants of buy-side and sell-side analysts’ earnings forecasts: An experimental study. Journal of Behavioral Finance, Vol. 8, No. 1: 9-19.
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  • Yonca Ertimur, Discussion of How Disclosure Quality Affects the Level of Information Asymmetry? Review of Accounting Studies, Vol. 12, No. 2-3 (September 2007): 479-485.
  • Yonca Ertimur, Jayanthi Sunder and Shyam Sunder, Measure for Measure: The Relation between Forecast Accuracy and Recommendation Profitability of Analysts. Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 45, No. 3 (June 2007): 567-606.
  • Jennifer Francis, Ryan LaFond , Per Olsson, and Katherine Schipper, Information Uncertainty and Post-Earnings-Announcement-Drift. Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, Vol. 34, No. 3&4 (April/May 2007): 403-433.
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  • K.R. Subramanyam and Mohan Venkatachalam, Earnings, Cash Flows, and Ex Post Intrinsic Value of Equity. The Accounting Review, Vol. 82, No. 2 (March 2007): 457-481.

2006 Publications

  • Qi Chen and Wei Jiang, Analysts’ Weighting of Private and Public Information. Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 19, No. 1 (Spring 2006): 319-355.
  • Shane Dikolli and Igor Vaysman, Information Technology, Organizationala Design, and Tranfer Pricing. Journal of Accounting and Economics, Vol. 41, No. 1,2 (April 2006): 201-234.
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