Academic Programs

MBA Program

Students can earn a Master of Business Administration at Fuqua following a number of formats – daytime, weekend, globally, jointly, just to name a few.  All are rigorous programs tailored to meet your specific needs, which are driven by your career goals.  See more details regarding specific opportunities for the study of finance  including concentrations and student clubs.
Determine which program format is right for you .

MMS Program

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) in Foundations of Business is a 10-month program for students without prior business training or experience.  It is ideal for students from other disciplines who want a solid, entry-level foundation of business principles to complement prior education and help them achieve career goals.

PhD Program

The PhD Program in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance prepares students for careers at leading academic institutions.  Students gain skills in how to conduct and communicate advanced independent research that will extend the body of knowledge about the theory and practice of finance.

The Center for Financial Excellence

The Center for Financial Excellence advances MBA finance education by bridging foundational academic concepts and theories with essential applied skills and best practices used by finance partners.  The Center also enhances students’ understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with financial industry career paths.  Further, the Center elevates students’ awareness of the profound public policy considerations and important regulations that govern the financial industry.  Additionally, the Center promotes and supports Fuqua’s world-class faculty in its leading research and curricular initiatives.

The Center of Financial Excellence was founded in 2009 in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.  Pre-crisis, mastery of textbook financial concepts was widely accepted as a measure of educational success for MBA finance graduates.  The financial industry’s near-death experience revealed critical shortcomings in this standard.  While MBA students must develop a mastery of core financial theories, Fuqua recognizes that far more is expected of finance professionals in today’s global, hyper-competitive, fast-changing, and ultra-demanding environment.  The Center for Financial Excellence, through its practitioner administered boot camps, financial industry focused programs, workshops and other innovative educational and career development initiatives, works diligently to help prepare Fuqua’s MBA students to meet the financial industry’s rapidly evolving needs and challenges and to become finance practitioners and leaders of consequence and excellence.