MMS Program

The Master of Management Studies (MMS) in Foundations of Business is a 10-month program providing basic entry-level business skills to recent graduates who have no prior training or work experience in business. It is ideally suited for the student who recently earned an undergraduate or graduate degree (even those in the process of obtaining a PhD) in areas such as liberal arts, science or engineering. It is not intended as a substitute for an MBA degree, but it does equip students with a broad, practical skill set that can expand your career options.

There are two courses with significant emphasis on the area of finance:

  • Foundations of Capital Markets
    Explore the fundamental principles of asset valuation, investments, and investment management. Topics include time value of money and discounting, diversification and risk, arbitrage and hedging, asset allocation, asset pricing models (including the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), factor models, and consumption based asset pricing), active portfolio management, performance evaluation, and the interaction between capital markets and the macro economy.
  • Foundations of Corporate Finance
    Examine important issues in corporate finance from the perspective of financial managers who are responsible for making investment and financing decisions. The concept of net present value, suitably adapted to account for taxes, uncertainty, and strategic concerns is used to analyze how investment and financing decisions interact to affect the value of the firm. Assess the coverage of capital budgeting, first without and then with uncertainty. Observe and track the interaction between taxes (corporate and personal) and the cost of capital. And study a treatment of dividend policy and capital market efficiency, as they relate to the value-maximization objective of the firm.

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