Management and Organizations

Ph.D. Guidelines

The PhD guidelines for incoming students are available here (Phd guidelines 2015). 

The doctoral program in management at Fuqua is designed to prepare students for academic positions at leading universities.

Obtaining such a job requires a strong research record, some evidence of teaching aptitude, and active endorsement of faculty who are respected in the community of researchers. Our program is designed to be completed in four to five years. In that time the student should:

  • Cultivate research collaboration with at least two faculty members and an active research and/or teaching relationship with at least one more faculty member.
  • Avail themselves of opportunities to teach or assist in teaching courses, but not to the detriment of their research progress.
  • Display good department citizenship-for example, attending the majority of seminars and helping in the department’s recruiting efforts.

In the end, a student should aim to complete the program with “three papers, three letters, and three classes”-that is three published or publishable working papers, three positive letters of reference from Duke faculty, and preparation to teach three MBA courses.