Faculty & Research

Fuqua faculty members are prolific scholars, leading the field in publications, research citations and research awards. In addition to their active role in publishing and editing in journals, their scholarly output includes a top-selling book by Dan Ariely and The CMO Survey by Christine Moorman. The group is also highly collaborative, often interacting in their research and teaching.

The research ambience at Fuqua is further enhanced by an active and extensive seminar series which brings scholars from other leading programs to Duke. Speaker series in economics, statistics and other programs supplement this vibrant program.

Fuqua has also developed a well-resourced Behavioral Lab and supports a number of databases that enable scholars to generate new marketing insights. The IRI database, developed at Duke, has been used by over 100 schools and other groups. Fuqua also partners with a number of top marketing firms such as P&G and Walmart to enhance the relevance and impact of our work.