The Fuqua Marketing faculty are endowed with an array of resources to support and enhance the productivity of their research work.

Centers & Verticals

The Duke-Synovate Center for Shopper Insights is a collaboration between Duke and Synovate, a global marketing research firm based in New York. It brings together research leaders from premier fast moving consumer goods members (e.g., ABInBev, Campbell’s Soup, Coca-Cola, Kelloggs, Kraft/Cadbury, Nestle Purina, and L’Oreal) to determine what we know, and what we don’t know about the science of shopper marketing. The Center’s mission is to identify and fund key research initiatives related to the consumer’s in-store experience and advance the collective knowledge of both academics and managers.

Behavioral Labs

Faculty and Ph.D. students can develop and test new ideas using the state-of-the-art research tools in the Behavioral Lab. It serves as an ideal training ground for students to experience and learn firsthand the many steps involved in business research as it is conducted by faculty leaders in their fields. The Lab also gives Duke students from across campus opportunities to participate in innovative and important research underway by Fuqua faculty.


The IRI Marketing Data Set

As one of the largest consumer data sets ever released, IRI makes available to the academic community a data set spanning 30 categories, 47 markets, and five years of weekly data. The breadth of these data should prove useful in advancing our knowledge of marketing strategy beyond a limited number of categories, markets and years. It enables researchers to obtain a more complete view of the relative effects of marketing mix on brand equity and market share that are of concern to practitioners, policy makers and scholars.

Sprint Data

These data contain monthly call detail records for a sample of users, which enables researchers to better understand the consumption of services over time, customer retention and customer acquisition.

In addition, the faculty have a large number of proprietary data sets in industries ranging form the Internet to Banking to Direct Mail.

Post-Docs & Associates in Research


Dr. Steven Shepherd, PhD