Daytime MBA Program

All Duke Daytime MBA students graduate well-equipped in the skills and theory of all the major functional areas of business. They also are prepared to manage and succeed in a global business environment. This is due to the talent and dedication of the faculty and rigor of the courses. It is also due to the many opportunities to engage with new empirical and theoretical knowledge as it emerges fresh from faculty research.


Briefly, the role of marketing in organizations is to:

  1. Identify where value can be created by understanding what consumers want;
  2. Deliver value to customers using the tools of marketing (product, price, place and promotion);
  3. Manage brand equity and relationships with an organization’s customers, channel members, suppliers and competitors

To prepare for careers in this vast field, Daytime MBA students can choose to concentrate in marketing. In doing so, the Daytime MBA becomes a pathway to unique opportunities in marketing-related positions at some of the top national and international organizations.

Fuqua students are actively involved, as evidenced through the marketing club, the luxury brand club and others.


The Concentration in Marketing is for students who expect marketing to play a central role in their career plans, whether in consumer goods, high-technology, business-to-business, health care or consulting. A concentration consists of a combination of six marketing and non-marketing elective courses from a list associated with one of three options:

  1. Product Management
  2. Market Analysis and Strategy
  3. Dual Marketing Concentration (10 courses total)

See a complete list of required and elective courses with each option.


All courses meet for 2 hours and 15 minutes, twice per week.  Each term is 6 weeks long, rather than quarters or semesters.  This is the same amount of time per term as other schools provide during a semester, but with added benefits:

  • Faculty can cover complex topics during a single session
  • Students can participate in simulations, case presentations, questions and discussion
  • Students can have meaningful interaction with visiting business leaders

Click here for a complete listing of courses and their descriptions.