The Master of Management Studies (MMS) in Foundations of Business is a 10-month program providing basic entry-level business skills to recent graduates who have no prior training or work experience in business. It is ideally suited for the student who recently earned an undergraduate or graduate degree (even those in the process of obtaining a PhD) in areas such as liberal arts, science or engineering. It is not intended as a substitute for an MBA degree, but it does equip students with a broad, practical skill set that can expand your career options.

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“At Fuqua, the professors constantly guide and challenge you through the various facets of marketing. By starting at a broad level of brand strategy, you have the opportunity to learn marketing from the ground up. Having such a strong understanding of marketing principles has helped me succeed in the specialized field of market research. Every day I take on market research challenges from blue chip companies like The Gap and Clorox, and have the tools to fully meet clients’ needs because of the business training I gained through the MMS program.”

Genny Cook
Research Associate Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW)

“Professor Staelin’s Marketing Analysis class helped me to confirm my passion for marketing and provided the strong foundation I needed to enter and succeed in the marketing world. Having learned the essential framework for approaching marketing problems and devising a marketing plan, I find myself prepared and excited to tackle marketing questions.  In particular, I learned a lot from the case method used in class. After discussing and analyzing so many diverse cases in detail, I feel equipped to solve any type of marketing problem in any industry. Currently as marketing coordinator for an online custom logo apparel company, I have been able to apply all that I have learned in Marketing Analysis including knowledge of customer value, direct marketing, pricing strategies and internet marketing. Meanwhile, I have recognized the importance of being methodological and analytical in solving marketing problems as we learned in class. Having had an introduction to marketing analysis, I bring more value to my job and know how to use information more efficiently to make decisions.”

Roxanna Goudarzi
MMS, Class of 2010
Marketing Coordinator
Queensboro Shirt Company
Wilmington, NC