PHD Program

Accounting involves the creation and use of information within and outside organizations. Accounting research investigates questions about how information is gathered, organized and used by individuals and by markets, and encompasses managerial accounting issues, assurance (auditing) issues, taxation issues and financial accounting/reporting issues.

We invite you to explore our program and the curriculum.  You’ll quickly realize that Fuqua’s accounting Ph.D. program is special in two respects.  First, our accounting faculty span the analytical paradigm (which seeks to model one or more phenomena in a stylized setting) and the empirical-archival paradigm (which relies primarily on historical data and statistical techniques). This combination facilitates positive spillovers. Analytically inclined students will be exposed to empirical-archival evidence that can motivate the modeling of important phenomena.  Empirically inclined students will be exposed to the process of developing rigorous and economically grounded predictions.

Second, we emphasize collaborative work between and among students and faculty.  We believe that learning occurs when students are directly involved in research.  Below you will find a sample of the many co-author relationships of our graduates: