The Decision Sciences faculty teach in many programs offered at the Fuqua School of Business.

Masters Courses

The masters courses are taught in the Master of Management Studies and the Master of Quantitative Management. Those courses are tailored for each program and they focus on analytics tools that are widely applicable are crucial in the current job market. The courses typically cover the methodologies, their use in industry applications, as well as software.

MBA Courses

The MBA courses are taught in the Daytime, Weekend, and Global Executive MBA programs. They are intended to provide quantitative and decision-making tools that are applicable to a variety of industries. Case discussions and hands-on analysis are an integral part of many of the courses.

Ph.D. Courses

The Ph.D. courses are primarily intended for Ph.D. students but masters students with a strong mathematical background are welcome to also take them. Their goal is to provide foundations for a successful research career. Classes typically focus on the underlying theoretical aspects of the various topics and on rigorous mathematical proofs.