Decision Sciences

MBA Courses

The courses offered by the Decision Sciences area provide students with analytic frameworks and tools that are useful in a many industries and functions. For example, the tools include constructing decision tree models to evaluate different R&D projects, using regression models to forecast demand, building optimization models to maximize production, using network analysis to optimize allocation, distribution, and pricing of  digital goods, applying machine learning tools to effectively cluster customers, and using system dynamics approach to understand, predict and manage oscillations, instability and shocks in business processes. These tools are useful in a variety of business roles and the underlying disciplined thinking – carefully considering objectives, risks, competition, and using data wisely – is invaluable throughout a business career.

Across the MBA programs, the Decision Sciences faculty teach various quantitative related courses, including:

  • Business Computer Applications
  • Data Analytics for Business
  • Decision Models
  • Digital Platform Design and Decisions: Markets, Information, Networks
  • Forecasting
  • Information Management
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Strategic Modeling and Business Dynamics

Our course offerings to specific programs are described in more detail on Fuqua’s course listings website.

Daytime MBA Students with a special interest in Decision Sciences may choose to earn a concentration in Decision Sciences. Because of its flexibility, the Decision Sciences concentration is an ideal complement to concentrations in finance, marketing, operations or strategy. In this role, the Decision Sciences concentration provides deep analytic skills to accompany these more functionally-oriented concentrations.